FIC K8-800T - Page 2

..:: FIC K8-800T Product Package ::..

Motherboards targeted for users on a low budget usually do not ship with many boxed accessories, but FIC does manage to toss in at least one cable or bracket for every integrated feature with the K8-800T. Three expansion brackets include one with two firewire ports, one with two USB 2.0 ports, and another for the 5.1 integrated audio. Also included is a UDMA/133 cable, a floppy cable, one SATA cable, and a molex power converter for one SATA device. The I/O backplate, an installation CD, an 'EZ' quick reference guide, and a very detailed user manual is also at your disposal.

Unfortunately, the only thing missing in the K8-800T user manual is a troubleshooting section, which could be a bit unsettling when you are in need of help, but the information that is provided is comprehensive with clear imaging. Also take note that FIC does not provide a heatsink mounting cage with the K8-800T (which is required to mount a heatsink and fan to the Athlon 64 properly) so make sure you have one in your cart before you roll on over to the checkout counter.

..:: FIC K8-800T Software Suite ::..

The K8-800T may come with a pleasing accessory bundle, but it doesn't ship with any software titles whatsoever. All that we received was a CD with drivers and a DirectX 9 install option. Users looking for an anti-virus package or other programs will need to add them to their shopping cart as well.

However, if you happen to "Browse the CD" one day, there is one half-useable program on it called Winflash. Although the K8-800T is not directly supported by FIC remotely through the internet when using Winflash, we did successfully update the BIOS to VXA41 in Windows while using Winflash on the CD. This was, of course, after we downloaded the BIOS update ourselves. Updating the BIOS with Winflash was much faster and a lot easier, rather than having to boot into DOS and insert command switches as explained on the FIC website. Take precautionary measures though, because if you try to use Winflash with your K8-800T, do so at your own risk.